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          NüF? N80-6060

          Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration MembraneN80-6060

          • Advantage
          • Products
          • Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membrane NüF® N80-6060 NF element
            With breakthroughs in membrane materials and element structure, Ochemate Advanced Material Technologies Co. Offers NüF® N80-6060 nanofiltration membrane elements with hollow fiber structure for industrial and municipal application. NüF® N80-6060 has super-high permeability under extremely low pressure and provides unique comprehensive advantages for industrial and municipal users.
            ? High hardness removal, high efficient toxic metals removal such as copper, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, antimony and arsenic.
            ? High removal rate of organic matte, efficient removal for small molecular organic matter (such as antibiotics, endocrine disruptor, etc.) and reduce COD in water.
            ? Under 3.0 bar operating pressure, the membrane flux can exceed 30 LMH. Compared with the competitors, N80-6060 has 35% lower operation pressure under the same flux.
            ? Outside-in structure of NüF® N80-6060 makes elements high anti-fouling and easy to clean.
            Hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane NüF® N80-6060 NF element can efficiently remove hardness and achieve partial desalination for industrial applications. For municipal application, NüF® N80-6060 NF element can efficiently remove hardness, sulfate, fluoride, heavy metals, small organic molecule and PPCPs to ensure the safety of water supply. Compare with competitors, NüF® N80-6060 NF element has higher flux, lower energy consumption, high fouling resistance and is easy to clean.
            NüF® N80-6060 NF element has the typical characteristics of all NüF® product series:
            ? Unique hollow fiber structure.
            ? Low operating pressure, high permeate flux.
            Product Types
            TPFP integrated film forming technology & modified polyamide as base material.
          • Product Specifications
            Product Active area  (m2) Applied pressure Permeate flow rate Stabilized salt rejection(%)
            (psig) (MPa) (gpd) m3/d
            N80-6060 55 45 0.31 8750~11000 33~41 MgSO4  ≥90%
            CaCl2 ≥60%
            NaCl ≤25%
            1. Test Standard of Permeate flow rate and salt rejection rate:
            45psi(0.31MPa), 2000ppm MgSO4, 15% recovery rate, 25°C;
            45psi(0.31MPa), 250ppm CaCl2, 15% recovery rate, 25°C;
            45psi(0.31MPa), 250ppm NaCl, 15% recovery rate, 25°C。
            2. Permeate flow of single element may be different and vary +/-20%.
            3. The above specification values are nominal test values. When operating, please follow the design guidelines of NüF® membrane system.
            Element Dimensions(mm)

            Dimensions  L L1 D W1 W2
            (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
            N80-6060 1500 1768 φ160 170 260
            Commercial NüF® N80-6040 NF elements can be used without pressure vessels.
            Other Information

            * Note: High operating flux can be obtained at very low operating pressure.