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          Jantje Johnson joins Ochemate as Global Business Development Director

          Jantje Johnson, is named as Global Business Development Director at Ochemate on July 23rd , 2017. She will lead the Business development team to explore the business opportunities outside of China. She will report directly to Christina Fang.

          “Jantje is an inspirational business leader who will build a strong commercial team for Ochemate in the Americas, EMEA, Far East Asia,” said Christina Fang, CEO of Ochemate. “Jantje will bring her resourcefulness and creativity in driving Ochemate business growth Globally. With her joining, Ochemate will move our business much faster and more efficient to global market.”

          She has decades of industrial experience in water treatment specifically in membranes, water treatment systems, and chemicals. Over the years she has founded successful start-ups such as OrangeBoat and Genesys North America. In addition, Jantje had a successful career at Dow Water & Process Solutions leading their ROSA and brackish water membrane program; Nalco where she early on led the business development of PERMACARE. Jantje holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the Groningen University in the Netherlands.