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          Salary Range
          Closing Date
          • Field service engineer
            Work Summary:
            Implement the company's service procedures, execute the service work, and improve the value of sales and brand through service.  

            1. Perform periodic service visits to water treatment systems of Ochemate's clients.
            2. Provide on-site services to users and preparing service recommendations and reports.
            3. Implement Ochemate's service procedures and service standards.4
            4. Provide site assessment and customers feedback 
            1. Has minimum 5 years of experiences in cooling water/boiler treatment applications in addition to 
               membrane based water treatment including water reuse appplications.
            2. Having one of working experience on circulating cooling water system, reverse osmosis membrane system and sewage treatment.
            3. Having RO system design and debugging experience, or design of CW/steam boiler system operation experience.  
            4. Customer focus and strong ability to analyze and solve problems
            5. Skilled in the use of Excel, word, PPT and other office software. 
            Application process: 
            Complete application information- information review + telephone interview - study assessment

          *If you want to join us,please fill the form above and send it to hr@ochemate.com